About MutualRx
Our History

MutualRx was created in response to prescription drug benefit plan sponsors frustration with traditional pharmacy benefit managers (“PBMs”). Their relationship was often perceived as not being on the same team. While traditional PBMs offer their services as a prescription drug manager, they are too often a unwanted middleman, where a growing number of plan sponsor clients felt that the information, pricing and services received were too heavily weighted in favor of the PBM.

In a world of rapidly changing technology and self-service automation, the idea of paying inflated mark-ups to support hungry corporate shareholders and bloated organizational structures seems outdated and unnecessary. Plan sponsors asked “why can’t we do this ourselves?”  MutualRx agrees, and has put in place the framework and structure to provide a more efficient and cost-effective option for providing the support services required for managing a prescription drug benefit program.

Plan sponsors can now become part of the solution as an equity partner, with all of the benefits associated with ownership, but without the direct operational or management responsibilities or overhead obligations.  This means full access to the books, board seat representation and financial remuneration as a shareholder. MutualRx has created a full-service pharmacy benefit administrator (“PBA”) that brings best-in-class solutions in support of a plan’s members and drug benefit program.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, MutualRx’s seasoned pharmacy benefit executives have deep experience in the operational and management functions required to run a successful pharmacy benefit administration service. Everything from claims adjudication, billing & invoicing, network contracting, rebate management, formulary development, clinical management, I.T development, reporting, account management and call center member services are included and available to our client partners as a turn-key solution.  This model empowers the drug benefit plan sponsor to get into the PBM business without the PBM!

Our Future

The PBM model has been in place for 40+ years and has grown to serve PBM shareholders, while PBM clients have been forced to linger in a non-transparent world of undecipherable prescription drug transactions. PBM shareholders and Wall Street have loved that model's performance over the years. Clients and members, not so much!

MutualRx's vision makes your Plan and your members direct stakeholders. Technology has enabled us to bring your Plan customized benefit features, efficiencies that reduce costs and stellar member service. Our model applies a simple and straightforward administrative fee. Improved pricing through better discounts and rebates accrue to your members and your Plan. Any profitability is shared with our client equity partners.

Come grow with us!


Our Leadership Team
Roy Wilkinson
Roy Wilkinson

Roy is a healthcare technology leader and entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of pharmacy benefit planning for over 30 years. He has been a Principal, Officer and Health & Welfare Practice Leader for the actuarial firms Milliman and The Segal Group. During his career, he has been the Founder and President of two healthcare benefit consulting and technology firms and created one of the first electronic prescribing applications for physician practices, helped develop an innovative wireless transport protocol, founded one of the first health insurance shopping and review companies, and was an early shareholder in a XML-based software company that was successfully acquired by Citrix. He has also served as Vice-Chairman of a leading national patient assistance program that provided free prescriptions medication to patients in need.

Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson
Michael has over 30 years of successful benefit consulting and claims administration experience with demonstrated expertise in claims processing, human resource management, account management and new business development. He was a Principal and Officer at both Mercer and Aon Hewitt, as well as serving as President of Johns Hopkins Healthcare. During his career, Michael has also served as President of several third-party administrators, including Susquehanna Administrators, CoreSource, and NCAS (owned by CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield). Additionally, he was Vice-Chair of a leading national patient assistance program providing free prescription drugs to patients in need.
Greg Watanabe
Greg Watanabe
Greg possesses over 25 years of executive experience with both public and private PBMs and has demonstrated a proven record of success in operations, business development and IT. He is both a pharmacist and an MBA and has delivered problem solving strategies to improve client retention and sales, strategic planning and business execution.. During his career Greg has served as President and COO of MedImpact, the largest privately-held PBM with 55 million lives; VP of Pharmacy Operations for Wellpoint Pharmacy Management, a PBM with 32 million lives and was acquired by Anthem; and SVP & General Manager for Argus Health Services (now DST Pharmacy Solutions), the largest provider of pharmacy benefit administrative services to insurance companies, BC/BS plans and regional health plans.
Andy Krause
Andy Krause

Andy is a chief technologist and inventor with very diverse and deep experience in AI, data mining, BI, and information architecture in biomedical, financial services, and web marketing. As an entrepreneur he has successfully built, mentored, and led R&D teams and companies based on AI and predictive modeling. He was first to develop and commercialize hybrid Artificial Intelligence (AI) predictive modeling combining data mining expertise in statistics, neural networks, genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, semantic ontologies, and other advanced machine learning techniques. Andy has been the Founder and/or CTO of Neuristics, which enables merging credit data and scoring and is used by CreditXpert, the largest consumer credit company on the Web; Revelytix, a pioneer in semantic web technologies; and Infermetrics, a company that provided real-time web analytics and ad optimization engine for interactive online advertising.

Angela Wilson
Angela Wilson, CPA, MBA
Angela has over 20 years of financial management experience for both corporate and healthcare clients. She is a Certified Public Accountant and was a Partner in the E&Y healthcare practice, leading audit teams and other financial engagements for numerous public and private healthcare systems, life science, biotechnology and PBM clients. Angie has significant experience with registration statements, IPOs, secondary offerings and non-public debt offerings. She has also assisted many clients with private placement offerings and mergers and acquisitions
Mei Tang
Mei Tang, Pharm.D., MBA
Dr. Tang has an extensive background in the PBM and Specialty pharmacy industry. She also has deep experience in pharmacy operations, clinical and quality programs, compliance, network development, process improvement, international market development, and system design and implementation. Dr. Tang previously served as VP of Operations at Modernhealth Specialty Pharmacy (now Kroger Specialty Pharmacy), Director of Pharmacy at OptumRx; Director of Formulary Management at MedImpact; Director of Pharmacy at WellPoint NextRx, staff pharmacist at FirstDataBank, and clinical pharmacist at Sinai-Grace Hospital.
Marco Maigua
Marco Maigua

Marco is an experienced developer and holds an MS in Computer Science. He is a full-stack engineer with a focus in Hyperledger Fabric. He is expert in blockchain technology, cloud computing, software architecture and technology development. Marco's projects have included building the entire infrastructure for client companies, including back end and front end design. His builds incorporate state-of-the-art security and authentication on top of the flow of the business data, including optimization of code and algorithms and design principles applied to the Mutual Rx model.

Marco has also led development teams where blockchain was applied to financial services to accelerate financial transactions. He also developed a transaction system to distribute payments of digital assets utilizing Hyperledger Fabric.

Rocco Calabrese
Rocco Calabrese
Rocco brings executive-level management and leadership with extensive experience in the financial services and Taft-Hartley trust fund administration industries. His specific skills include strategic planning, operations/IT systems requirements, conversions and new platform development, investment/financial management, claims administration and collective bargaining. Rocco's career experience includes serving as Chief Executive Officer for Southern California UFCW Unions & Employers Joint Benefit Funds Administration; VP of American Benefit Plan Administrators, a TPA that provides administration services to Taft-Hartley benefit trusts; Chief Executive/Administrator of Producer-Writers Guild of America Pension Plan and Industry Health Fund; and VP for Labor Management Benefit Plans at Lloyds Bank California. Rocco will be advising MutualRx on successful execution of our business plan.
Gary Owens
Gary Owens, MD

Gary is a physician who is an expert in the field of prescription drugs and specialty drugs. He has served as VP at Independence Blue Cross where he was responsible for the prescription drug benefits and specialty drugs for over 2 million members. He has also been a consultant to the Towers Watson Rx Collaborative where he chaired their P&T committee, served as Medical Director for the Patient Access Network Foundation, and is a Board member of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP).

About Our Team

MutualRx has assembled all of the management and operational requirements for running your successful PBM. Our team consists of pharmacists, PharmD's, data scientists, account managers, and member Help Desk specialists.

We have all the operational bases covered: clinical, financial, legal and administrative. Your Plan can be up and running in no time! MutualRx has done it for you, so that your Plan and your members receive the benefits of ownership without the managerial or administrative distractions.