MutualRx Members

Members, or plan participants are the key focus of Mutual Rx. Protecting member health, improving health status, and reducing member cost of prescription drugs are core tenants of the MutualRx mission.

Our operating mantra is “Your Members. Their Money!” At Mutual Rx, we know that every dollar that is spent on excess and unnecessary prescription drug costs, through waste and profiteering, is a dollar that could have gone to reducing member co-pays, or reducing overall plan expenditures. When healthcare benefit prescription drug costs are excessive, then wages are curtailed.

At Mutual Rx, your plan and your members become active participants and stakeholders in the performance of the prescription drug benefit. If costs increase, they will know exactly why. When plan performance exceeds expectations, they will receive the benefit of improved discounts and rebates, which reduces the costs of their prescription drugs.

By providing user-friendly tools, accessible online or via mobile app, members can comparison shop for the retail location that offers the best price for their particular prescription. Additionally,the integration of discount coupons and patient assistance programs that reduce the net cost of covered medications to both the plan and the member, will provide further value from MutualRx participation.

My Drug Key™

MyDrugKey™ provides Members with the help they need to better manage their prescription drug medications and improve their health status.

  • Pharmacy Locator  -  Find a network pharmacy by zip code or city.

  • Rx Price Shopper  - Review the best options for getting your prescription filled: Location; Convenience; Lowest price; or lower cost alternatives.

  • Utilization History - Review your prescription claims history and keep track of co-payments and out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Rx Information - Find valuable details on prescription drugs. health conditions, disease management and treatment alternatives.