Self-Directed  Pharmacy Benefit Solutions

Drug Costs are Too High. You Can Do Something About It!

Patient-Centric Focus

Patient Care Advisors help members understand their medication therapy and enhance adherence; Creates a patient advocacy for a better patient experience

Personalized Medication

Move from Populations to Personalized; Selecting drug therapy based on genomic testing to reduce ineffective treatment and waste as a result of trial-and-error prescribing

Specialty Drugs

Identifying the right patient with the right drug, acquired from a preferred pharmacy and administered in the right setting; Controlling costs while enhancing patient outcomes

Claims Adjudication

RxAequitas™ is our own blockchain-based pharma ecosystem platform for secure transactions processing, transparency, and self-auditing

Financial Control

Control of your pharmacy benefit the way you want it; technology efficiency; customized plan design & formulary; greatly reduced costs; retain 100% of rebates and additional manufacturer incentives

No Games

Fairness in service agreements with client-friendly language; Actual Acquisition Cost pricing disclosure; True 100% pass-through of all manufacturer incentives and pricing improvements

Rx Pricing Transparity™




With Mutual Rx's Pricing Transparity™, there are no pricing games. All payers receive the same lowest-cost price. Plan sponsors and plan members always receive a clear, easy-to-understand, lowest-cost prescription that is based on nationally published actual acquisition unit costs. The plan does not have to negotiate “creative” pricing based on subjective artificial discounts. With the Mutual Rx equity model, clients own their PBM benefit and participate in the financial performance. All plan decisions are made as fiduciaries that protect the interest of the plan and its members, not outside financial influencers.

"To make an omelet, you gotta break some eggs!"

Mutual Rx was created in response to prescription drug benefit plan sponsors' frustration with traditional pharmacy benefit managers (“PBMs”). Lack of trust, inconsistent pricing, along with little transparency, created the need for a better approach.

disrupting the system

Headquartered in Southwest Florida, Mutual Rx’s seasoned pharmacy benefit executives have deep experience in the operational and management functions required to run a successful pharmacy benefit administration service. We bring this alternative to our client partners as a turn-key solution. Our model empowers drug benefit plan sponsors to provide PBM services to their members without the PBM!

Plan Sponsors We Serve



Public Sector

Health Systems

RxAequitas dashboard

A Digital Health Company Dedicated to  Improving Pharmacy Benefits

RxAequitas™ provides pricing transparency, self-completing administrative functions through the use of smart contracts, instant payment transfer to pharmacies, and is self-auditing by maintaining an immutable transaction record.

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Mutual Rx eliminates the traditional PBM "middleman" thereby reducing costs by 30% or more.

dollars and pills

Our mission is to reduce prescription drug costs and improve patient outcomes through the use of pricing transparency, enhanced clinical insight and technology efficiencies.

If you know better, do better

Member Services


Call center, member portal, Patient Care Advocate (PCA), clinical communications, mobile app, TelePharm

Clinical Programs


Utilization review, step-therapy, auto prior-authorizations, medication therapy management, disease management, opioid care management, and other clinical support programs

Lowest Net Cost


Customized formularies that don't chase rebates; eliminate low-value drugs; optimizing the use of generics and biosimilars



No-risk guarantee. If we don't meet our PMPM cost-reduction forecast, we will make it good to the plan on a dollar-for-dollar basis!


Client Equity

Our unique financial model brings clients into true financial partnership with the performance of their Rx benefit. They receive the advantages of ownership without any additional overhead, administration or expense.


Increased efficiency through MRx technology, core business partnership with our clients and attention to member services; reduced margins; patient tools: mobile app, Rx price shopper, TelePharm, secure "HealthWallet"


Best-in-class solutions for claims adjudication, clinical management, mail order, specialty drugs, rebate aggregation and member service support.

Mutual Rx Platform

RxAequitas™ private blockchain, Snowflake data cloud. Actual Acquisition Cost pricing transparency, automated prior-authorization, eligibility validation, invoicing and instant payments

Digital Payment System

Optional use of MRx’s digital payment system - stored value to provide POS rebates; brand loyalty, Rx coupon value; Patient assistance; rewards points

Specialty Drugs

Focus on specialty drug management, biosimilars and integrated PGx to find the right medication therapy for both medical and pharmacy benefit specialty drugs

Lowest Net Cost Formulary

Personalized Member Services

Fiduciary Responsibility

Mutual Rx Magic

The Mutual Rx Magic

How do we do it?  Our national retail network contracts and rebate aggregation/GPO enables us to offer pricing and rebates similar to the biggest players. Because we don’t chase rebates, our drug mix creates huge cost savings by eliminating costly, but clinically valueless medications.

Additionally, we pursue distribution arrangements that best serve the needs of our clients and not tied to investment-driven profit forecasts. By operating on independence and greatly reduced margins, a client does not have to incur additional expense. Our operating efficiency provides clients with quality prescription drug coverage without sacrificing exceptional member service.

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Mutual Rx will bring a plan sponsor’s pharmacy benefit program into the next generation of improved decision support, reduced costs and improved outcomes for participants.

Better spending practices

Our Leadership & Advisors

MutualRx has assembled all of the management and operational requirements for running your successful PBM. Our team consists of pharmacists, PharmD's, data scientists, account managers, and member Help Desk specialists.
Roy Wilkinson

Roy Wilkinson

Founder & CEO
Greg Watanabe

Greg Watanabe

Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson


Mark Lucente

Andy Krause

Andy Krause

Angela Wilson

Angela Wilson

Mei Tang

Mei Tang, PharmD

VP-Clinical Programs
Hugh Easley

Hugh Easley, PharmD

Rocco Calabrese

Rocco Calabrese

Kay Plantes

Kay Plantes, PhD

Gary Owens

Gary Owens, MD

Mutual Rx Ecosystem

RxAequitas™ Platform

Our private cloud-based blockchain network is the pharmacy benefit platform of the future.   Truthfulness, fairness, and equality in prescription drugs are the underlying foundation of RxAequitas™. Our model is built on blockchain technology and machine learning, which eliminates the need for a central controlling middleman. The network is designed as a decentralized distributed system, where designated stakeholders are a permissioned partner to complete transactions, without the dependency on a third-party entity for authentication, transparency and pricing trust. No longer will Plan Sponsors have to wonder whether the pricing information being shared by their traditional PBM is, in fact, an accurate representation of the market or their transactional applications. Transactions will be time-stamped, verified and adjudicated without delay and payments will be automatically made. There will be no need for human processing for approvals. There will also be no need to retroactively audit, because the system is self-completing and validates the entire claims process.

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% Reduction in PMPM Cost


% Overall Rx Medication Adherence


% Prescribing to Lower-Cost Therapy

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